About Botlabs and the SmithBot Platform

Find out more about us and SmithBot.


The SmithBot-Team shares the mission to democratize algorithmic trading. Modern AI already enables outstanding performance which will only get better in the future given the astonishing progress in this field.

Large financial institutions and hedge funds open only for the rich utilize their vast resources to hire experts and build up the computational infrastructure needed to develop superb digital trading solutions. This enables already extremely wealthy investors to earn above-average interest on their capital, normal people can only dream about. Even worse, government regulations in the name of consumer protection make it difficult for providers of such superior solutions from certain countries to market them to retail investors, leaving these with investments offering vanishingly small interest rates.

We at Botlabs want to provide access to leading methods of algorithmic trading enabling everyone to earn the interests that let your savings grow noticeably. Of course, this comes with some risks, but usually pays off in the longer term. We believe that everyone should have the same rights and the same access to innovative investment solutions, no matter if you are a billionaire or a normal worker.


Botlabs was established by a group of AI enthusiast with each member having many years of experience applying machine learning to various fields such as finance, language processing or robotics. Some of us were also passionate cryptocurrency traders who learned the hard way that it takes a lot of studying and try-and-error to come up with a trading strategy that is actually profitable. But when we were finally there, we already invested a lot of time and lost a considerable amount of money. Moreover, having to monitor the market much of our time in order not to miss good trading opportunities took a big toll on the quality of our life, not to mention the frustration of our families.

So we asked ourselves, being experts in AI, whether there isn’t a better way of getting into trading. Why can’t we make it easier to trade profitably without having to waste our precious time and money? As we knew that modern AI is evolving rapidly and already can perform many specialized but complex tasks better than any human, we naturally explored applying it to trading cryptocurrencies. However, there were several difficulties and the well-known standard methods in AI didn’t show a convincing performance. So we devoted over three years into developing and testing problem tailored AI that finally showed the superior results we were searching for.

The SmithBot-team shares the passion to continuously improve and evolve the AI-algorithms underpinning our trading bots. We strive for no less than the best real-world performance in the market. And we want to make it available to everyone. This is what drives us.