SmithBot Features

5 Reasons why SmithBot is your choice for automated cryptocurrency trading.

Trade 24/7

Algorithmic trading bots require a continous monitoring of the markets not to miss the best timing for placing orders that result in profitable trades. In fact, downtime of the servers running the trading bots or of the internet connection can severly degrade the overall performance. But running and maintaining own servers with financial industry grade reliability requires great expertise, efforts and investments.

Therefore, SmithBot runs its extensively tested algorithmic trading agents exclusively in the cloud environment of a leading provider. The hardware and network connections are highly redundant and there are safeguards against power blackouts and other critical events. Thus, we achieve levels of availability that are almost impossible to achieve when operating your own servers.

Cloud Based

Monitors the markets and places orders 24/7.

High availability

Observed uptime of well over 99.9%.

Fully automated

Bots run without any human intervention.


Easy Access

We believe, you shouldn’t have to spend weeks and month learning trading strategies and tweaking parameters to be able to set up a profitable trading bot. That is why we offer you a large selection of pre-trained and tested bots for immediate use. The SmithBot cloud application provides you with easy-to-use ranking and visualization functions so that you can easily compare different bots and choose the ones that suit you the best.

The SmithBot application is also designed with an intuitive user interface, focusing on the functions you really need without overwhelming users with a large number of unnecessary or rarely used items. And as it is provided in the cloud, SmithBot is ready for you instanteneously without any lenghty preparations. The application works in almost any modern web browser on almost any device.

No expertise needed

Optimized and tested algorithms.

No installation

Provided in the cloud, works in your browser.

5 min. setup

Easy interface, no useless options.



We humans are often less than ideal traders. Due to e.g. the biological sleep cycle, we are unable to monitor the markets all the time. The human brain also isn’t good at processing large amounts of data and at recognizing complex patterns. Moreover, our decisions are subjective and influenced by psychological factors, such as greed, fear, impatience, distraction, regret or even panic.

Human traders therefore often miss the ideal timing for buying and selling causing less than ideal profits or even a loss of money. The SmithBot algorithms naturally do not suffer from such human factors and eliminate these errors completely. They strictly execute their strategies solely based on the data streams fed in.


Strictly analytical decision making.


Forget about "Fear Of Missing Out" and "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt".

No human errors

Eliminates the weakest link in trading.



When deciding about money and investments, trust is most important. We want to give you peace of mind by doing everything we can to make sure that your data and your funds are safe from unauthorized access. In the first place, we will only ask you to provide us with the data we absolutely need to offer our services to you and to fullfill our legal obligations. Next, we make sure that none of your sensitive data is ever transmitted or stored without state-of-the-art encryption.

To protect your investments, we put great effort into manipulationproofing and securing our algorithms and servers, so that malicious actors cannot mislead the decision making with faked data, such as manipulated volumes or order-books. We also believe, it is best to keep your funds where they are safest. Therefore, we do not ask you to send us your money or to give us withdrawel rights for your exchange. Never ever!

Consistent encryption

Applies established standards of data security.

Manipulation resistant

Relies on genuine data from reputable sources.

No access to your funds

Assets always stay on your exchange.



The future of our economy will be increasingly decided by ever better algorithms surpassing humans in productivity and performance. Trading cryptocurrencies will be no exception to this. Traders developed many strategies and the most successful of them achieved remarkable profits. Artificial Intelligence, however, has the potential to make them all obsolete. It completely changes the game because its capabilities are far beyond our imagination. This exciting development has just started!

SmithBot gives you the chance to benefit from Artificial Intelligence, too. Available only for rich financial institutions in the past, it now opens up for everyone. The SmithBot team consists of reputable experts in this field with access to the data and computational resources required to train and validate complex AI-algorithms for you. We provide you with our own specialized AI-methods highly optimized for trading financial assets and not available anywhere else. And we take care that all relevant real-world effects such as trading fees and slippage are taken into account as well as of generalization to future market data.

Optimized performance

Proprietary problem-specific AI-algorithms.

Extensively tested

Simulated and live tested on real data under real conditions.

Beat pro traders

Leading performance under real conditions.